PvAmericaExpo.com was a personal initiative that allowed me to learn more about myself by sharing my passions for design, food, fashion, and travel. I, too, wanted to connect with people who shared my interests through blogging and social media!

When it comes to the artwork I make for our print and stationery collections, I begin by making word associations (similar to this process). It’s how I come up with a conceptual framework to help me make design decisions. I then draw thumbnails and choose one or two to work with on my computer, iPad Pro, or with tangible materials such as paint, paper, and canvas. I work with a limited palette of colors and materials, so I don’t have to make as many important decisions while composing.


When you eliminate the pressure to create something spectacular every time you sit down to create, amazing things happen. When I had the mental space to notice chances in short sketches, I experienced the most creative breakthroughs. Then you may devote the necessary time and effort to fleshing out those concepts.

Take yourself lightly, in other words.

This community never ceases to teach me something new. It humbles me every day and reminds me that what began as a small personal endeavor was my own instinctive way of discovering my life’s passion: connecting people with the beauty (and joy) in their surroundings.